Is Gestalt Therapy or Coaching for you?

Jean Arthur: Gestalt Therapist, Coach, Meditation & Yoga trainer

Awareness and change; therapy or coaching

What I love about the Gestalt approach, is that nothing has to be thrown away; not the patterns, not the judgements, not anything. When patterns surface and seem limiting and impossible to change it can really help to explore why these patterns developed in the first place. Discovering the function of patterns and habits is a way to get in touch with the creative processes lying underneath them. Forcing change doesn’t usually work in the long term.

Starting a coaching or therapeutic relationship can be a good start in becoming attuned to yourself and your needs, in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. Awareness is what brings about change, so we take time and care to explore what emerges in the sessions. By working with what’s in the foreground each moment, new insights and possibilities are given space to arise. Sometimes new insights and old patterns can arise at the same time. Creating a safe space together is important because of this. I will often check with you if your requirements for feeling safe are being met.

For coaching we’ll work out a trajectory together and generally work on something specific; work relations, dissatisfaction with the type of work, a calling or passion for example. This can mean parking some things that arise to stay focussed on the goal but can also follow a more organic path if this is more suited to you, or the subject at hand. Coaching and therapy are interchangeable if the need arises.

Making an appointment

If you’re not sure if the Gestalt approach is the right one for you, make an appointment and try it out for free. Should you decide to continue, you will be charged for this first session as it will be the start of the therapeutic or coaching trajectory. At the end of this session we will plan how to proceed. There will be no extra charge for this.

Some of areas I work with as a coach and/or therapist:

  • self-expression
  • choice of study or work
  • following your passion
  • (work related) stress and burnout
  • low self-confidence
  • ante- and postnatal anxiety or depression
  • depression
  • seasonal adjustment disorder
  • childhood trauma
  • grief
  • relationships (intimate, family, work)

I work specifically with adolescents, in the above areas, as well as adults.

I also offer the opportunity to use music, painting or clay as ways to explore your experience. These can often help us to find language that fits the experience.

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