1. Gestalt Coaching and Jnana yoga
  2. Inner Critic to Inner Wisdom

October 26th, 2020

With the regulations around the COVID-19 virus continuing the way they are, it’s difficult to know how and when I’ll be able to give these courses to groups again. The advice from the Gestalt association is to postpone giving group therapy until April 2021. If you’re interested in attending one of these courses, let me know and I’ll email you when there’s more clarity. If the subject matter is something you’d like to work on individually, my practice is open for individual appointments and I offer therapy in both Dutch and English. Sessions are also available online

The following regulations should be adhered to when coming to a live appointment:

1. Cancel the appointment if you have a sore throat, a cough, a temperature, or are feeling ill in any way. You will not have to pay for the session under these circumstances.

2. If you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please let me know.

3. We will follow the regulations on social distancing at all times

1. Gestalt Coaching and Jnana Yoga

Do you long for authentic contact with yourself and with others? Discover the body’s wisdom.

Taking time for our bodies and our senses can bring new perspectives. Whether you’re used to checking in with your body or not, this will be an opportunity to discover more about who you are.

Illness or pain do not just arise because you haven’t cared well enough for your body. They are often a result of sensitivity to situations which are toxic to you; this can be a relationship or something as unavoidable as the pollution of the planet.

Allergies and intolerances have increased over the years because we are deeply connected to our environment and our bodies respond to changes around us. Finding more inner balance can help you to be with your situation in a clearer way and without so much judgement.

The body is basically kind. It carries our tension and pain when we push ourselves too hard, or demand from ourselves that we sit or stand in the same position all day. It also carries our history. Being in touch with our body not only means sensing what is going on there, but also taking the time to notice the strength and gentleness that can arise to support us from within. Emotional pain and resistance to parts of ourselves can reveal themselves via the body. We often want to avoid both of these while they just want to be seen and heard, so they can move on.

Gentle yoga exercises, meditation and time for sharing in pairs and small groups will be part of each session. Being present for yourself and for others can have a deeply connective and healing effect.

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2. Inner Critic to Inner Wisdom

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Burn-out and other stress related illnesses are occurring more and more these days. When time is taken for the situation in which stress-related illness arises, self-criticism is often in evidence. There is explicit self-criticism in the form of shoulds and should nots; “I should (not) have done or said this or that…” Underlying this self-criticism, is often a belief about ourselves which causes feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.

These feelings are not usually shared with anyone. “Hi, I’m a worthless loser” is not a common introduction, and yet when we listen to the chatter of the Inner Critic we validate these type of beliefs daily.

But are they really true?

This way of being with ourselves is mostly outside of our consciousness. Many of our reactions to situations were formed at an early age. This is also why the emotions which follow an inner critic attack can feel so all-consuming.

We always have a choice if we take time to care for ourselves in a way we deserve to be cared for.

Some of the things this course offers:

  • How and why we develop an Inner Critic; myths and functions
  • Meditative exercises to become more present to our experiences.
  • Using natural curiosity to help carry you past inner judgements.
  • How to turn down the volume of the Inner Critic so you can hear your own inner voice.
  • Discovering what limits you and what makes you feel alive
  • Tools for this transition, and future transitions